The Science and Art of Concert Venues

Posted by Alex D'Antonio on Sep 28, 2017 2:42:05 PM

There’s a significant difference between listening to your favorite music artist on the radio or online station and seeing them perform live in concert. And while the music and lyrics may be the same, it’s the venue that makes it a one-of-a-kind experience! From the sound quality to the stage lighting and everything in between, it’s where you see the show that matters.

To highlight this, we’ve created an infographic that takes you through the art and science of four types of concert venues and how they stack up against one another. As any music lover knows, it all depends on how the music makes you feel. The grandiose feel of a stadium concert plays out differently than the more intimate setting of a concert hall; though each in its own right can result in a magical music experience. Scroll through the pros and cons of each type and see what it takes to create the ultimate concert experience.

Grand Sierra Resort’s Grand Theatre welcomes chart-topping artists from every genre, including upcoming shows from pop superstar Janet Jackson (Oct. 1), 90’s alternative rock favorite Weezer (Oct. 5), and a cappella group Straight No Chaser (Dec. 29). For a more up close type of experience, the LEX Lounge brings both comedy greats and on-the-verge newcomers to the stage. Additionally, LEX Nightclub is the place to be if you feel like dancing with hundreds of your closest friends. Whether it’s for a fight night or to tune into one of your favorite DJs, at an expansive 25,000 square feet, there’s room for everyone to join the party.

To find out who else is making their way to The Biggest Little City in the World, view the full Grand Sierra Resort Events Calendar for future shows and concerts in Reno.



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